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Newmarket has had an organized club, the Newmarket Baseball Club, since before 1880.  Volunteer citizens from the Town of Newmarket have been organizing baseball teams and games since 1950. 


Photos courtesy of  the Newmarket Historical Society Archives and the Elman W. Campbell Museum.

One of the first youth baseball teams was formed to participate in the Royal Canadian Legion Peewee Tournament at the CNE Fairgrounds in 1956.  Newmarket is proud to have entered teams every year since.  The annual Legion CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament is the most prestigious and oldest event of its kind in the province for 12-13 year olds. Thirty-two teams from Toronto (TBA) and Southern Ontario (OBA) compete over nine days in a 31-game, single elimination event. Games take place at the CNE Ball Park at the west end of the grounds starting on opening day.  Click on the picture at the left to see more about the CNE Peewee Tournament.

Newmarket Baseball Association has hosted the prestigious Silver Bat Tournament for Mosquito (Tyke) aged players (10-11 year olds) since 1975.  The tournament has hosted up to 32 teams from all over Canada and the USA. 

Francis Hollingsworth was the founder and honourary president from 1950 to 1959.  The Newmarket Baseball Association was formed in 1960, and was incorporated in 1986.  The 2010 Registration is just over 900 players.  A dedicated group of 10-15 volunteers are on the Executive Board, planning, scheduling, teaching and organizing the teams, coaches and umpires from the beginning of October to the end of September every year. Executive members are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Past Presidents

1950-1959 Francis Hollingsworth
1960 Lew Hewett
1961 Ollie Gould
1962 John Houlhahan
1963 Bill Vanzant
1964 John Readman
1965-1966 Bill Pawson
1967-1969 Art Westlake
1970 Ken Wright
1971-1972 Stu Dunham
1973 Ray Sutherland
1974-1975 John Lott
1976-1977 Alex Grant
1978 Roy Green
1979-1983 Don McKnight
1984 Jim Hundorf
1985-1986 Ross Harrison
1987-1989 Rich Lunney
1990-1995 Carr McLeod
1996-1997 Larry Lake
1998-2001 Dave Giroux
2002-2003 Karl Born
2004-2007 Ted Williams
2008-2010 Tim Brown
2011-2013 Catherine MacNeil       

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